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As if you didn't have enough reasons to love Bulgarialotto.com yet, now we're giving you one more - Bulgarialotto.com. That's right - it's your favourite online lottery ticket provider, now available to you in Bulgarian for even more convenience and even more lotto winning action!

Since 2005, Bulgarialotto.com has been giving instant international lotto access to thousands of fans around the world - not just in English, but in Russian, Polish and Romanian too. Now we're excited and proud to be able to offer you all the lottery thrills you love in yet another language - Bulgarian! Giving you another language to play in means giving even more players the opportunity to indulge in a favourite pastime, and to potentially win millions upon millions every single week!

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If you're raring to get your lotto on in Bulgarian, you'll be glad to know that Bulgarialotto.com is packed with all the top features you've come to expect from Bulgarialotto.com - most notably its lotto selection. Even though you'll be playing in Bulgarian, you'll still have access to the world's top international lotteries, from the US, UK and Brazil and so much more! With massive lotto jackpots up for grabs almost every day of the week, you don't want to miss a minute of the action at Bulgarialotto.com.

Of course when it comes to winning, no-one knows how to make lotto players happier than Bulgarialotto.com. That's why when you sign up to play at our sister site Bulgarialotto.com, you'll still be able to take advantage of top bonuses and rewards, like a 100% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit as a Bulgarialotto.com member, and a huge 30% discount on bulk lottery ticket purchases. Now that's top value in any language!

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So if you've always wanted to play the lotto and win in your own language, now's your chance! BulgariaLotto.com is ready and waiting and open for your business. All you have to do is logon, pick your lucky numbers, and let Lady Luck take care of the rest. It's all the lotto action you love, all at BulgariaLotto.com, and all in Bulgarian, just for you.